Successful, Reliable and Efficient Babysitting in Dubai

Babysitting in Dubai is a job with a big responsibility. It could be somehow difficult especially during your first time. Babysitting means being responsible for the well-being of the baby while the parents are not there. You basically take the place of the mother and have to provide efficient and reliable child care.

Babysitting in Dubai, whether for a sibling or next door neighbor, requires professional training, patience, and understanding. Through proper planning and coordination, babysitting can become an enjoyable and lucrative means to earn money. With a handy guide to help you, you’ll be a successful babysitter who’ll get hired again and again for efficient and reliable babysitting services in Dubai.


Attending a childcare or babysitting class

In some countries and cities, you need to be licensed or certified before you can go babysitting, either way, it would be helpful to know basic childcare so you will become highly prepared and qualified for babysitting in Dubai. Classes like these can often be taken at Red Cross, YMCA or other community centers.

Reading a book about childcare and babysitting can also answer many common questions on handling a baby and a child during a certain situation.

Helping your mother

Being at home whenever your mom is will give you a chance to learn, practice, and gain experience in babysitting. It would help a lot if you would help your mother in taking care of your own siblings too.

Setting up a schedule

Babysitting entails working without supervision and therefore, you should learn how to set up and maintain your own schedule. It might seem a bit old-fashioned but filling out a calendar with your free days and times would be a good way to start. Once a parent calls to schedule you for babysitting in Dubai, you would know exactly when you are available and when you are not.

Deciding on your rate of pay

Most parents already have specific rates in mind when hiring a babysitter, a lot of moms rely on the babysitter to provide an hourly rate.

You can select between two options when deciding your rate of pay: being paid a flat rate per hour or being paid per child. Getting paid hourly is better for small families while the latter is best if you plan to watch more than two children at once.

Hourly wages typically range from $7 to $12 per hour for college students and teens. While per child rates are usually $4 to $6 per child/  per hour.

Creating safety information lists

You have to take down the personalized information for each child like food allergies, medication, and bedtime hours. You also need to have a generalized list of phone numbers like fire department, police station, and poison control center.

Marketing yourself

If you’re just starting on babysitting in Dubai, you have to let people know that you’re interested and determined. Word of mouth would be the easiest way to land a job. So talk to your neighbors, families and friends.

Remember though that it might be best to babysit for someone whom you know.

Knowing what to do during an interview

Parents actually find it hard to look for a reliable babysitter. So the next step would be to make yourself worthy of babysitting in Dubai.

During an interview, you have to tell parents about yourself, your family, your school and the reason why you want to babysit. It would also be wise to prepare a list of questions and answers so that you would know what’s expected from you.

Knowing your limits

Before accepting a babysitting job, know what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. You have to feel in control. If you’re unsure of a job, it’s much more convenient to wait until the next one.

Your personal safety is as important as the safety of the baby that you’ll be watching over. If this is a first babysitting job, then be sure to feel comfortable about the family.

Trust your instincts at all times. If you don’t feel comfortable then you don’t have to accept the job on the spot. Remember that when you know what you want and what to expect, babysitting in Dubai would become a better experience for you and the baby.



Basic Babysitting duties

  1. Changing diapers
  2. Feeding children
  3. Putting them to bed
  4. Giving them medication
  5. Playing with them and keeping them entertained

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