House Cleaning: What Does A House Cleaning Service Do?

Cleaning services in Dubai have become a very popular and much sought after service of today and it isn’t hard to see why. Very few people have the time or patience to take care of the cleaning and maintenance side of the home. However, what is a house cleaning service and what do they do for you?

What Cleaning Dubai Services Do?

First and foremost their sole purpose of all housekeeping Dubai services is to help keep a home clean and tidy. This can vary a little in terms of exact roles however their aim or goal is to ensure all rooms within a home are kept clean. If you were to hire a house cleaning company you would have to specify what you would like completed in the home and they would follow your orders.

What Areas Are Covered?

Usually the basic areas within the home are covered. This means the bathrooms are thoroughly cleansed and sanitized from cleaning the bath to the floors and the bathroom mirrors also. However, the kitchen is also cleansed thoroughly, meaning all worktop surfaces are properly cleaned so that when you wish to prepare food later, it is safe to do so. Cleaning Dubai companies can ensure the key areas within the home are cleansed properly.


Another important but basic role for all housekeeping Dubai services is proper vacuuming. Floors should be washed if they are wooden or bare and carpets are vacuumed. Floors may also be mopped and the living and front rooms are dusted. Things such as photo frames, coffee tables and mantles can be properly cleaned, removing all dirt and dust. Other chores for cleaners can include making all beds as well as dusting, changing light fixtures and keeping the home generally clean and tidy.

Deep Cleaning

If a home requires deep cleaning this is technically an additional service. The reason why is simply because the home doesn’t just need basic or everyday cleaning, it needs a more in-depth thorough service. However, this isn’t very costly and usually a regular cleaning Dubai service can handle these tasks too. More explained in our post here.

How Often Do Cleaners Clean?

To be honest, the frequency of the cleaning Dubai service comes all down to you. If you require the cleaner to come once a week, it is possible to arrange a once a week service. However, if you require them to clean more regular you can also arrange it. It really depends on what your needs are as some people bring in a cleaner once a week while others once a month.

The Costs for Cleaning Services?

Every housekeeping Dubai service or cleaning company offers their own prices. Some may charge a flat fee per month while others can charge per clean, depending on what is needed. However, usually the cost for these services is very affordable. For monthly services you can find they charge a few hundred dollars but it does vary.

Keeping Your Home Clean

The main reason for any cleaning services is to ensure a home is kept clean. As long as you choose a good service you should see a lot of improvement. The quality that comes from a good housekeeping Dubai service is very high.