Babysitting while on summer vacation

Summer vacation can be filled with new opportunities and lots of fun for many families while for others a family vacation is an oxymoron.

Family vacations are always the basis and the origin of cherished childhood memories — we all remember exploring new places, countries, landscapes while spending quality time together. This offers a much-desired break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But the stress of dealing with kids in unfamiliar surroundings without the typical schedule, tools or routine can leave parents on the queue for a vacation to recover from vacation.

Finding and providing child care while on vacation or away from home is often unpredicted and somewhat stressful both for parents and kids. We all want our loved ones to be kept and cared for properly and kept happy and safe. Luckily, many resorts and holiday hot spots offer and promote available child care service, however it is up to the parents to check, analyse the service before deciding whether such a generic service is the right option for their kids.

In any case, here are the most important aspects a parent should think of before planning everything:

You can bring your babysitter along

Regardless of the person who often watches your kids or helps you with errands on an occasional or regular basis, consider bringing them along for your long-awaited trip and you will get the extra hands to watch your kids you were hoping for, so you can have some time to relax. Bringing a vacation babysitter offers parents the liberty to spend time together, enjoy nightlife and relax on the beach as a couple while a reliable person takes care of their children.

Budget planning is of the essence

Parents consulted, the biggest disadvantage of bringing the babysitter on the family vacation is cost. In such a scenario expenditures are your responsibility so before reaching a decision sit down and check the numbers concerning compensation, food, accommodation and everything else before making a final plan.

Set a schedule

Always expect some flexibility based on the spontaneity of your trip, however, be open and figure out how many hours a day you expect your babysitter to be “on the clock” during the holiday.

Look for a babysitter at your destination

If you don’t need full-time childcare, just need several hours of kid-free time, source out for a babysitter at the holiday destination you chose.

Check in advance what the hotel has to offer

A reputable concierge service should have a list of child care services that have met the approval of past patrons. Feel free to check if the hotel only lists the available options or it grades them in accordance with the feedback of past guests. The second will give you a way better picture.

Find drop-in child care centers

Many holiday destinations and communities are having a rise in drop-in child care centres, so check for available options and hours so you can have another child care alternative.

Vacation with grandparents or close relatives

If you have the option of bringing grandparents or other relatives along don’t refuse the idea at once. It is really cost efficient and you get some relaxation time and your kids get enough quality time with loving members of family.

In any case, be sure to plan everything out, define priorities and time frames, check everything in advance and leave enough room for unplanned things to happen. Get your sun lotion and start packing. Enjoy the summer.