Babysitting in Dubai Business: Getting Started

Most people won’t think of babysitting in Dubai as a business, not knowing that it is exactly what it is. If people would just treat it like a small business, then preferably all aspects would go smoother and be more successful.

Well, life as an entrepreneur is totally awesome. For those who are considering of starting a babysitting business in Dubai. Here are a few tips and resources that will help you research the industry and your competition.

Going to open a babysitting business in Dubai? That would be lovely since babysitting in Dubai can be started with a low investment that is highly profitable too.

Babysitting in Dubai is the act of taking care of someone else child or children in the absence of the parents. Engaging in babysitting for a fee becomes a business – and that is where the concept of a babysitting service business in Dubai was formed.

It is important for you to establish that a babysitting business is not a daycare business because they are totally different. Although they perform a somewhat similar task, their mode and style of operation is different.

Daycare centers in Dubai are structured in a way that a parent would have to bring their children to the center in order to be taken care of and return at a later time to pick the child up.

Babysitting in Dubai is usually carried out in the home of the client or the parents. So why should entrepreneurs invest in a babysitting business?


Firstly, babysitting in Dubai is a self-employed business that doesn’t require a huge capital or skill to begin with. The passion to take care of children and keep them from harm’s way is enough to begin babysitting. Although it would be an added bonus if you have marketing skills and good personal hygiene.

Babysitting in Dubai would provide a good employment opportunity for the unemployed population in the area. Aside from which, sitters learn the ability to manage clients and schedule their time more efficiently.

Indeed the more experienced the person is in babysitting the higher the demand is. Truth be told, the demand for babysitting in Dubai and childcare is rapidly increasing since the economy has become tighter and both parents need to work in order to make ends meet.

Here goes the first step in starting a babysitting business in Dubai.


Sitters need to prepare themselves. They need to know what they are actually doing. A babysitter needs to be physically and mentally prepared to face the challenges brought about by a babysitting business.

For unexperienced individuals, Red Cross offers a babysitting course that proves to be vital especially in setting up a nanny agency in Dubai.


A lot of babysitters would think that babysitting in Dubai doesn’t need a business plan. In reality though, it does. Admittedly, you can start babysitting in Dubai as a solo entrepreneur but that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow and employ other babysitters or nannies. Planning today is highly advisable than waiting till that time.

How much does it cost to start babysitting in Dubai?

Braze yourselves because the answer is nothing. Unemployed individuals can start babysitting with no money at all. All they have to do is walk around the neighborhood and spread the good news about your new service.


There are countries who exercise a stringent rule of law thus a license is highly needed for those who intend to become a babysitter in Dubai.

The license can be obtained at the National Resource Center for Health and Safety or at the National Association for family Child Care.

After taking the necessary course, you’d have to obtain necessary certifications and licenses from the relevant authorities like the Child Protection Agency, the Police Department, etc.

The process for starting to babysit in Dubai is not much but the best place to start a babysitting business in Dubai is in residential areas, where parents are busy enough that they can’t take care of their own baby.

For a sitter to gain further experience and for them to build their reputation, it is highly advisable to start offering their babysitting services to close friends, neighbors and family members. Since they are the ones who will most likely spread your successful and efficient services.

Remember, that babysitting in Dubai is both physically and mentally stressful and not everyone possesses the endurance to sustain in this business.